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MySuperTours Discussion started by MySuperTours 1 year ago
SBS Solution Company is started by a team of ambitious people who are trying to build a good product for society and environment. Our company operates a platform, which will provide a list of different choices for every single person to send their packages oversea or in domestic. The platform will not only show users available and suitable slots but also provide functions for users to post their request for sending. Moreover, the platform shows details of costs and environment impacts of their shipments for every package that customers can keep track on their sending packages journey.

SendbyShare (SBS) is a platform that connects people around the world with the purpose of providing a convenient and diverse delivery. Have any available space in your suitcase or trunk when you are traveling? You can use it to bring something for others on our website. Are you struggling with how to send something to a foreign country according to your requirements? No matter what kind of requirements you have, low-priced or quick delivery, specified receiving time or pick up point, there are plenty of choices for you. This is totally a new way for people to know about delivery their stuffs every day. Every single person is going to know exactly stages of transportation and cost transparency is provided in the SendByShare Platform. The details of costs that customers have to pay for their transportation is showed when they are going to book deliveries from our SBS platform.

The SendByShare Platform provides the best solution for customers to send their packages with different types of interations. So this is the most sustainable platform that maximize of using resources for delivery.