Nicknamed the Mother City, Cape Town is the capital of the Western Cape Province and is the legislative center of South Africa. The city is part of the Cape Town Municipality, which has about 2.9 million inhabitants. It is the second largest city in the country after Johannesburg. Located in the southwestern tip of South Africa, the city was originally a refreshment station for Dutch ships bound for East Africa, the Indies or the Far East. It was also one of the first permanent European settlements south of the Sahara. Cape Town grew from a small port town to the largest city in South Africa, but lost this place to Johannesburg in 1887 due to the gold rush to the Witwatersrand. The 2001 census showed that Cape Town was the largest Afrikaans-speaking community in South Africa with 1.2 million people.

Thanks to its nature and location at the foot of the famous Table Mountain, Cape Town is a popular international destination for tourists.

In Cape Town, both Dutch and English domination is still clearly visible today in the Dutch and Victorian architecture. This makes it an important tourist destination.


-The Groote Kerk stands on a plot where the first church in South Africa was founded in 1678. The current building is the third and dates back to the year 1836.

-On the square between Herengracht and Adderley Street in Cape Town, a statue of Mary stands opposite the statue of Jan van Riebeeck, founder of South Africa. This statue was donated by the Dutch state in 1952 to commemorate Jan van Riebeeck's arrival at the Cape of Good Hope (1652).

-Victoria & Alfred Waterfront located on the water; the main draw of the city with shops and other tourist attractions.

-Robben Island an island off the coast where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years.

-Table Mountain located on the western cape overlooks Cape Town. The highest points of Table Mountain are more than 1000 meters above the water level. The mountain can be climbed in different ways. There is also a funicular to the top.

-Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

-Two Oceans Aquarium

-The District Six Museum

-Groentemarkplein (Greenmarket Square), including the old town hall

-Cape Beaches: Clifton Bay, Camps Bay, Bloubergstrand

Amsterdam is full of interesting sights to see, which can be quite overwhelming for a tourist. In that case, a good option is a bike tour through the lovely city of Amsterdam offered by Viator.

The bike tour includes a professional guide to take you to all the interesting sights in approximately 3 hours. Not only will you visit the popular sights, but the guide will also show you the less popular sights, such as the Jordaan district. You will not have to take your own bike however, the tour includes bikes. The tour also includes going to a cafe to enjoy nature and take a little break. During the bike tour, the guide will tell you all about the history of the sights and Amsterdam. 

To learn more about this tour, check it out on the Viator website.




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Cancun is a city in the far east of Mexico, located on the Yucatán Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo. The city has 526,701 inhabitants (census 2005) and is world famous as a tourist resort. Until the 1950s, Cancun was an insignificant town on an island in the Caribbean Sea near the coast, with some fishing and a number of Mayan ruins. However, the Mexican government and international investors decided to develop Cancun into a tourist resort. It was connected to the mainland by a dam and an international airport was built. From the 1960s, Cancun began to grow rapidly. Today, Cancun is a large city, most of which is located on the mainland. It is the largest city in Quintana Roo and the capital of the municipality of Benito Juárez. Cancun is visited by three million tourists every year, the majority from the United States. The former island of Cancun is now only a part of the city where mainly large hotels, shopping centers and entertainment venues are located. This is also referred to as the "hotel zone".

Originally Side is an old harbor. The city is located on a 300 meter wide and 800 meter long promontory. If you walk from top to bottom through the main street to the harbor, you will see the sea on both sides through the narrow streets of Side. The old town has retained much of its ancient character including its architecture and archaeological sites. Side is the only ancient city on the Turkish south coast that has been systematically excavated. The harbor used to be a slave market and a center for piracy. The city enjoyed prosperity under the Roman Empire and most of the monuments date from that time. In the 10th century, Side was abandoned after a fire. The existing city dates back to the early 20th century when exiles from Crete (Greek-speaking Muslims) settled there. A large part of the former city and its stadium is probably still under the beach.


Interesting sights in Side:

Side Theater (seats up to 20,000 spectators)




State Agora (Library)

Great Therme

City wall

Apollon / Artemis Temple, with a Byzantine church

Basilica and Bishop's Palace

Side Museum in the Agora Therme

Scheveningen is a district of The Hague, named after a fishing town that subsequently became a seaside resort and district in The Hague. It is built on young dunes that developed along the North Sea coast around the 12th century. The village has been ravaged many times in history by storm surges, usually washing away part of the buildings. In 1570, half of the village disappeared into the waves during the All Saints' Flood, leaving the church on the edge - which is still the case today. According to a census in 1680, 917 people lived in 200 houses in Scheveningen. About 250 of these were engaged in fishing. Other professions were auctioneer, line turner, ship carpenter and fishmonger. Occupations not related to fisheries included thatch, shoemaker, tailor, carpenter and baker. In Scheveningen, a small number of predominantly elderly women still wear local Scheveningen costumes. The local dialect, Scheveningen, is rarely spoken by young people. Due to the closed nature of the original village community, many similar family names can be found in Scheveningen. This led to the introduction of nicknames in local parlance in order to better distinguish families from each other. Interesting places to visit in Scheveningen are for example the boulevard, the pier and the lighthouse which are all located around the beach. Or you can go into town and visit all different kinds of shops and cultural sights such as the old church.

Marmaris is a Turkish resort located in the province of Muğla. In 2012 the town had a population of 34,047, but in summer the number of inhabitants can reach a peak of between 300,000 and 400,000 people. The historical name of Marmaris is Physkos. The first settlement took place around 3500 BC. After that, the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans, among others, left their mark. However, little of this can be seen in Marmaris itself.


Well-known historic buildings include the 16th-century citadel, the Mosque of Ibrahim Agha from 1789 and the Ottoman residential barracks from 1545.

In 1958 Marmaris was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake. Only the citadel and the historic buildings around the citadel remained undamaged.


Popular excursions are:

Dalyan; mud bath, sulfur bath, kings tombs, turtle beach and jeep safaris.

Diving trips

Kaunos (ruins)

Pamukkale (limestone terraces)

Ephesus (Ancient Greek Ruins)

BAK Restaurant lies at the water of the harbor in Amsterdam. It is a gastronomic restaurant that focuses on cooking with the best vegetables, fish, meat and other products. The menu changes daily and with the seasons. The restaurant works with fixed menus, there is no à la carte. BAK Restaurant only works with local products.
Due to the Covid-19 virus, the restaurant is closed. But they have opened up their other restaurant called Bambino and transformed it into a caterer at which you can get snacks and sandwiches, and also an Easy Does It Package that you can prepare yourself in a short amount of time and have a delicious meal at home. They offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
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Sustainability is a subject that has become more popular over the last few years, and the same goes for sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts. With a few of these tips, it will be a simple change to really make a difference in your environmental impact.

First off, any vacation starts with choosing the right destination. By choosing destinations and countries that in itself already focusses on and values sustainability makes a great difference in the impact you make and it is gonna make it easier to choose more sustainable options when in that country.


After this, you will plan on how you are going to get to the destination. Travelling by plane is sometimes the only way to reach a destination further away from where you live, so a great way to minimize your carbon footprint when flying is to look at airlines that value sustainability. When it is possible to reach a destination without flying, take this opportunity and travel by train, it is much more eco friendly and sometimes a lot cheaper.


When you are at the destination, support local businesses and choose sustainable activities to participate in. Supporting local businesses can help them benefit from tourism and minimize their carbon footprint (a lot of money now goes to big corporations who normally don’t really care about the environment). A good choice of sustainable activities could be bike riding or going on a hike.


A couple more tips for practising sustainable tourism is reducing your food waste and plastic waste, minimizing the time you spend in the shower and limiting the energy you use. With these tips you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint while still travelling. 

When you go on holiday to the Netherlands, or live there and go on holiday in your own country, it is always nice to have a number of fun and interesting things to do. Here are some of them.


-Weekend on the Wadden Islands. To really get the holiday feeling, a day or weekend to the Wadden Islands is definitely worth a visit.

-National park the Hoge Veluwe. The Hoge Veluwe in Gelderland is a beautiful place to enjoy nature in peace and to go for a walk or cycle and is also a very nice place to take pictures.

-The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The super-famous museum in the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum consists of at least 8,000 works by mainly Dutch artists, with the museum's showpiece, the Night Watch.

-Day in Efteling. The Efteling theme park is a fun trip for young and old, there is something for everyone, with fast roller coasters but also quieter shows and attractions. The Efteling has been voted the nicest amusement park in the Netherlands.

-Sailing in Giethoorn. Giethoorn is known as one of the six most beautiful villages in the Netherlands and is also called mini-Venice. In the village of Overijssel, the houses are on a kind of island where you can sail with boats in between.

-The Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. The Anne Frank museum is one of the most famous museums in the Netherlands, and is certainly worth a visit if you are interested in history, but even if this is not your interest, it is a strong story for young and old.

-The Markthal in Rotterdam. The Markthal in Rotterdam is a modern complex with a covered market and various restaurants under an arch of apartments.

If you want to travel to Europe, but don't know where you want to go or if you have selected a country, but don't know what to visit, here is a list of 10 must see spots in Europe.


1 Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain. The construction of the Sagrada Familia began way back in the nineteenth century and still has not been completed. The building is a basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi.

2 Grand Canal, Venice, Italy. The inner-city Grand Canal is almost three hundred feet wide and stretches for almost two and a half miles. There can be up to five thousand boats a day navigating the waters. 

3 Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland. The Cliffs are an almost four hundred foot drop down into the Atlantic Ocean below the cliffs. The Cliffs of Moher are eight and a half miles long and are a rugged part of Ireland’s west coast.

4 The Gorges du Verdon, SE France. The Gorges du Verdon were carved from solid rock by the waters of the Verdon River. It consists of more than fifteen miles long. 

5 Preikestolen, Near Stavanger, Norway. The Preikestolen is an enormous rock formation in Norway. It is also known as Pulpit Rock and looms over the blue waters of the Lysefjord with a height of almost two thousand feet high. It is one of Norway’s most photographed landmarks.  

6 The blue lagoon, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is the world’s most picturesque spa and it resides in Reykjanes Peninsula. The man-made lagoon is heated by an underground volcanic lava field and is filled with therapeutic minerals which are known to help with skin problems.

7 Hallstatt Village, Austria. The Village lies on the shores of Lake Hallstatt in Austria. The town is more easily accessible by boat than by the road. THe colourful houses and the old cobblestone streets date back all the way to the sixteenth century.

8 Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Keizersgracht is the widest canal in Amsterdam with it being over a 100 feet wide. The canal is lined with buildings over 500 years old.

9 Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy. Vernazza is filled with colourful houses and lies in front of a small harbor which attracts a lot of photographers with its beauty. 

10 Oia, Santorini, Greece. Oia is a village that lies in a volcanic cauldron on the coast of Santorini. It’s houses are painted shades of white and blue, and all together the town looks beautiful and is a spot you have to visit once.

Today, travel no longer has to be as expensive as it was a few years ago. There are various cheap airline tickets, train tickets and accommodations that also suit a lower budget. Curious about how to travel on a budget? Read on to find out.

Cheap tickets. Plane tickets are always a large part of the total cost of a trip, yet they don't have to be expensive. To find cheap tickets, it is useful to use websites such as Cheaptickets or Skyscanner. It is also useful to be flexible with the planning, so you can often score last minute tickets for a few tens.

Cheap overnight stays. If you travel to a destination like Copenhagen or Berlin, the prices of the accommodations in the city can be very high. That is why it is useful to book an overnight stay just outside the city or at a further distance from the sights.

Food and drink. To save on food and drink on your trip, it is useful not to eat out every night. When you stay at a destination for several nights, you can provide your own food in your apartment or house, this saves a lot of money. There is also often the possibility to get food from stalls along the street when you are staying in a city.

Here are a few more little tips for saving money on vacation:

  • Travel to cheaper countries or cities
  • Live like a local, not a tourist
  • Use a Citypass for your city trip
  • Do not book a tour but go on an adventure yourself
  • Go on a working holiday or volunteer
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101 Gowrie specializes in Gaijin cuisine that is defined by Japan. Japanese techniques, traditions and the love for ingredients are being used, but in a way that respectfully disregards the rules of normal cooking.

During the pandemic, the restaurant offers their Gaijin cooked to order takeout menu. The menu consists of small dishes like chicken Katsu Bagelbao and Scallop Kobujime, main dishes like BBQ Flank Steak and Ramen Bucatini, sweets like Whipped Cheesecake and Pandan Tiramisu and lastly you can also order sauces, merchandise of the restaurant and drinks.

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