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  • Location: London
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Continent: Europe

Passion for London - Tour Description

Hampstead: a village on the hillsides of North London.
Just imagine... Just a few bus stops away from the bustling Camden Town Markets (think:  street food, vintage, Amy Winehouse)... there is another London, another world!. A village.
Let's be trustful: a former village. However, we'll enjoy it. Hilly, narrow and twisting streets, punctuated by some (country) pubs... Lovely cafès,  restaurants and shops that you will be able to enjoy, as well. Plenty of history to discover, of course, and a few renowned characters who have inhabited the area will pop into our conversation. Traditional English architecture.
And, why not, after exploring Hampstead, jumping onto a bus and heading towards:
Kenwood House and Gardens. A fantastic building designed by Robert Adam and brothers. We'll enjoy the gardens, and the views.
Belsize Park and Primrose Hill. A lovely walk through beautiful residential areas.
Golders Green. A walk through of the Jewish areas of London.
Meeting place: At the exit of HAMPSTEAD UNDERGROUND STATION.  9am. 
Duration: 5 hours.
Price: £25 pp in a group of two (minimum)
           £20 pp in a group of 3,4,5
           £15 pp in a group  of 6,7,8 (max)
Rotherhithe and Greenwich:  the fishing and sailors' villages.
Villages again!. Of course, Greater London is the result of an amalgamation of historic villages around the old City (of London).  And we still can recognise those historical villages.  Not many visitors reach these areas, many Londoners never visit them...As for the sailors and the fishermen, I will tell the history... during the tour. Promised!.
What about, first of all, after meeting up, jumping onto one of London's double-decker heading for ROTHERHITHE. Old wharves, old taverns (THE MAYFLOWER), old stories (the Pilgrim Fathers, of course), old engineering feats (that's a surprise)... You are in the middle of the largest port in the world (well, it was... back in 1914. Now you are in the London Docklands)
Once in Greenwich, it's a story of wharves, cranes  and dockers, Pirates, smugglers... Adventure and colonisation... Shipbuilding and exploration of the seas... And a former Royal palace, where, the Greenwich Pensioners resided, where NATO officers were trained, where Henry VIII was born, where Francis Drake became Sir Francis.
Lovely river walks and land views, charming pubs, and shops and markets... And, for you, after our tour, amazing museums (Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, Maritime Museum, Fan Museum, yes, even a Fan Museum!), park walks...
Meeting place and time: SOUTH SIDE OF TOWER BRIDGE.  At the door  of  THE POMMELERS REST pub. 9am. 
Duration: 5 hours.
CHISWICK AND RICHMOND: London's answer to the Loire Valley!.
Third of the trilogy of villages. This is a riverside area, to the South-West, but completely different to the port areas of Greenwich and Rotherhithe, to the SE!. This is London's Arcadia. Unpolluted. Bucolic. I know, you reader, you don't believe me...
We are going to make our way along a maze of narrow, twisting streets... Lined with Georgian and Victorian buildings... The parish church, in the middle. A large Green, to one side. The site of ancient Royal Palace. Here, after attending a Shakespeare's performance,  Queen Elizabeth I died (no, no... it wasn't the bard's fault!).
In a different age, in the same Richmond,  a Victorian public house, became a 60s  trendy club: the Beatles met here the Rolling Stones!.
Great shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs...all along our tour. And, as well, celebrated (by poets and painters) views, and a huge Royal Park.
And, after our tour, if you wish, you will be visiting museums, aristocratic houses or the English National rugby stadium. Or, you will just be sipping a tea in one of the coffee shops where the locals chill out...
Or, what about visiting a brewery?.
Meeting place and time: At the exit of STAMFORD BROOK UNDERGROUND STATION. 9am
Duration: 5 hours.

  • minimum of 2 people , maximum of 8 per group.
    £25 per person in a group of two
    £20 p.p. in a group of 3, 4 and 5
    £25 p.p. in a group of 6, 7 and 8
  • time included for a light lunch. 

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